Day 30: Monday 16th May

One of many live jazz bands.  Brilliant.

Before getting onto today’s blog there are a couple of things I need to catch up on from the weekend.  First, it was the Keswick Jazz Festival all weekend which was great.  Live jazz (the traditional stuff) everywhere you went.  Brilliant.  Second is a “wow” for Nicky Spinks.  If you think I am mad just check out what this remarkable lady achieved by completing a Double Bob Graham (follow the link below).  Nicky had just finished when we came out from dinner.  We had no idea who she was or what all the people and press were doing in the square until this morning.

As for today, I was joined by Richard Turnbull, a director of Cure Leukaemia, for the walk from Milnthorpe to High Salter (near Hornby).  A nice day for walking and the miles seem to pass much quicker with someone to chat to.  Nothing really to report other than a very pleasant day.  I think everyone is probably bored with pictures of lambs and cows, so I will spare you yet more of them.

Tomorrow is up and over Forest of Bowland so let’s hope the forecast weather holds good.

Cool dudes; Richard & Chris after the walk.  Thanks Richard.

One thought on “Day 30: Monday 16th May

  1. Loving these blogs Chris. Your tan is coming along nicely too . Keep u the great walk . Looking forward to hopefully seeing you once you reach Cornwall X


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