Day 31: Tuesday 17th May

I missed something pretty important yesterday…………………..500 miles walked !!!

Nice walking weather yet again today and just under 24 miles done from High Salter to just north of Ribchester.  The morning was an ‘up and over’ for the Forest of Bowland.  Pretty strange name as there were no trees 🙂

Great scenery, although walking across open moorland is not the quickest way of getting about.

I met Hazel for a late lunch at Dunsop Bridge, which styles itself as the centre of the United Kingdom.  It also has a huge number of ducks, hence the tea room name.

We had yet another enforced change of route in the afternoon as the road we needed was closed due to a landslip.  An emergency detour probably added a mile but not too bad.

The locals clearly have a sense of humour judging by the sculptures we saw.

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