Day 29: Sunday 15th May

Mostly pictures today.  Scafell successfully climbed with the help of Graham and Mary Hodge who joined me for some company.  Special thanks to Matt Le Voi of Lakeland Mountain Guides for guiding us safely and educating us on the geography and the geology (although we know more about sheep than he does!)  If you need a guide in these parts we can thoroughly recommend Matt.  Excellent.

Graham, Mary and me at the top of Scafell Pike.  I’m not that tall, just standing on a rock.

Statistics for those needing to know:


Distance covered:                            15.1Km
Elapsed time:                                     8h 18m 37s
Moving time:                                     5h 57m 37s
Stopped time:                                   2h 20m 47s
Average speed (moving):              2.51Km/h
Overall average:                               1.80Km/h
Max height:                                        987m


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