Day 21: Saturday 7th May

Breakfast at The Old School

Back to normal today.  No mention of feet I promise.  A new record for the day at just under 22 miles, from New Cumnock to Carronbridge.  Technically I am 8 miles behind the original plan but I have actually walked 26 miles further to this point than planned.  5 extra miles were from the snow, and 3 more from changing the route through Glasgow.  We had another couple of extra miles today (more on that below) making a total of 10 extra miles accounted for.  The missing 16 miles just means my original plan wasn’t particularly accurate.  Given it was done literally by measuring on the map with a piece of bendy wire this isn’t really a surprise.

All of today’s route was down the A76.  Much quieter today compared to a working weekday.  Good progress until Hazel drove back to me with these words………

A rare thing.  The A76 without traffic.


“You’re not going to believe this but the road ahead is closed.  No cars and no pedestrians.”

The council had apparently forgotten to tell anyone and also forgotten to put out any diversion signs.  Chaos.  People were having to turn round and a make 50 mile diversion!!!  Fortunately, after a consultation of the detailed map, we were able to sneak around some back roads for a few miles and re-join the main road just after the roadworks.  A 2 mile detour but we made it.

Oops.  Should we have told someone?


Not much else to report.  The weather was perfect for walking but I think we are in for some higher temperatures for the next couple of days; which raises the terrifying prospect of shorts.

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