Day 20: Friday 6th May

To celebrate passing one third of the total distance, a weekend special blog today featuring bruises and blisters.  For the young or squeamish I’ll cover the day’s events first and then move onto the gruesome truth covering “what happens to feet when you hammer them with excessive walking for days on end”.

Today continued much in the same vein as yesterday.  I managed to hammer out 19 miles down the A76 to just the other side of New Cumnock, while Hazel found us a wonderful overnight spot, got the washing done, and engaged in cultural activity.  Surprise; a certain Robert Burns lived in Mauchline (we passed through today) so Hazel popped into the museum.  I also managed a bit of history by spotting the family home of Keir Hardie as I wandered along.  A selection of photos from today:

The amazing furniture at yesterday’s stop:  The Stair Inn
Our magnificent room this evening at The Old School, Dalleagles








Robert Burns house is now a museum


The Burn’s dining room










Where the great man did his writing

England is close now.  Another 3 days should see us at the border.



Stop reading here if you have a weak stomach 🙂

After almost 3 weeks of walking I can report that my legs are fine and my feet are holding up quite well.  I have suffered bruising to 2 of my toes (see photo) and the offending little toe I mentioned at the start of the walk developed a blood blister right on the end.  Delightfully it ‘popped’ yesterday while I was walking and stained my right trainer a delicate shade of pink 😦

Mike is recovering well and sent me this picture to demonstrate that you can hurt your feet in all kinds of ways.

Mikes blisters

I’m singing “Things, can only get better” as loud as I can and hoping it is true.

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