Day 22: Sunday 8th May

Time to show off the legs



Not much to report today.  A good 20 miles from Carronbridge to Collin.  The biggest story was the weather.  1 week ago I was plodding through deep snow at the top of Ben Nevis.  Today the temperature hit 26 degrees.  I have an excellent body temperature regulator so have been quite happy wearing my hiking jacket even on warm days, but 26 degrees needed a change of attire.  My legs made their first public appearance of the year, and the coat rode in the car.


This change of clothing brought its own challenges.  The beauty of a jacket is you can put all the essentials in pockets.  With jacket I kitted out something like this:

Garmin in left pocket, phone in right pocket, compass and penknife and whistle in inside pocket, map tucked in jacket, water and snacks and spare batteries in bum bag, tracker on bum bag belt.

Without the jacket I needed to dig out the map case and re-kitted as:

Garmin and water and snacks and spare batteries in bum bag, tracker on bum bag belt, map and compass and penknife and whistle in map case, phone in shorts pocket.

All sounds great until we talk about Velcro.  The tracker has lots of Velcro straps so you can attach it securely to just about anything.  My visi-vest has Velcro all over it, and the map case can be reconfigured in many ways using…………………Velcro.  I spent half the afternoon trying to un-attach bits of myself that had become firmly attached to other bits of me.  I need a better plan for tomorrow 🙂

So hot even the sheep are seeking shade.


Lastly, we had a spontaneous donation from a lovely lady in Kirkton where we stopped for a bit of lunch.  With spirits suitably uplifted we are ready for England tomorrow.

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