Day 19: Thursday 5th May

More windmills!

Mixed emotions today.  20 miles completed to just north of Mauchline, so some of the distance made up.  I think we are back to about 5 miles behind the original plan, and I’m not going to beat myself up for 5 miles in 320, especially as we have added miles for good reasons.  Weather was good too although the 15mph wind from the south didn’t help 😦


How did you get there???

The not so good was that Mike couldn’t walk today because of major foot issues.  For movie buffs think Mel Gibson in Porter and the roast beef reference.  Louise came and picked Mike up this evening so he won’t be escorting me out of Scotland after all.  Thanks for the company and sharing the experience Mike.  I hope the feet recover quickly and that the trip to Moscow with Hazel wasn’t too stressful.

I’m now firmly into the border country with the mountains left well behind.  This is rolling countryside and farming land, so not too much to report on other than I am back to connecting with nature.


More of the same tomorrow I think.

I can’t close without a mention for last night’s accommodation; Burnhouse Manor Hotel.  Everything delightful.  If you live close to this part of the UK and happen to be looking for a wedding venue, afternoon tea, or an evening meal then you should definitely give this place some thought.  Thanks.

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