Day 40: Thursday 26th May

IMG_0804A strange day today, and one that felt like very hard work.  Sometimes the miles fly by but not today.  I think it’s because I was on roads that were pretty enough but long and straight with little variety.  Sometimes you need a bend, a hill, a bridge; anything to break up the monotony and stop you thinking about how far you have to go.  I also didn’t see Hazel from start to finish today.  Still, 20 miles done, objective reached, and over 700 miles in total.

We had an interesting dinner at The Rhiw Goch Inn yesterday evening.  Interesting in that the previous manager upped and left a few weeks back without a word, and the new managers were moving step-by-step to bring the place back to life.  The food was simple but good, and great value, and the welcome couldn’t have been nicer.  Best of luck for the future.

Despite the drudgery the day started and ended well.  We duly got our demonstration of the model garden railway after breakfast.  Breakfast itself was an event, being served by our host in traditional Welsh dress.  Lovely.  The early afternoon was spent walking alongside Cadair Idris, that some say is the most spectacular mountain in Wales.  And to finish the day we were entertained by the fast jet jockeys of the RAF who had clearly picked out Hazel and the Jogle Mobile as a fair target for practice.  Sadly too fast for me to get a photo.

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