Day 39: Wednesday 25th May

The coast is in sight


Another 19 miles today, which is a few more than planned, so once again I am ahead of the schedule (just).  A bit dull and definitely cooler today.  The shorts stayed on but my jacket made a reappearance for most of the day.  The route from Beddgelert to the far side of Trawsfynydd took us within sight of the coast.  Always nice to see the sea.


Not a great deal else to talk about other than a bit of a railway theme.  The magnificent Ffestiniog narrow gauge railway runs through Beddgelert and followed a portion of today’s route.  I heard the train whistle on several occasions but was never close enough to take a picture.  Not the case with the other railway which is in the garden of our B&B tonight.  I wonder if we will see the trains run?

One thought on “Day 39: Wednesday 25th May

  1. Great progress, Chris. On the railway theme, I think the whistle in Beddgelert may belong to a train on the reincarnated Welsh Highland Railway.


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