Day 36: Sunday 21st May

Our special little road by Moel Famau

A mixed weather day today with heavy rain showers in the morning and some nice periods of warm sunshine in the afternoon.  Star navigator Hazel pointed out a more direct route along a very small road up and over the Clwydian Range, and close to Moel Famau.  My Welsh isn’t very good but I think the pronunciation is Mow (as in one man went to…….) Vammer (rhymes with hammer).

However you say it this hill was a frequent destination for me as a cub and as a scout.  The new route was both beautiful and shorter than my original, taking us through Denbigh, and getting us back on schedule with 19 miles done.

A rally of old Fords


On the way into Denbigh I was passed by dozens (literally) of old Ford Escorts and Capris, with the odd Cortina thrown in.  I have no idea what they were up to but some kind of rally I guess.



Today’s photos include a somewhat unusual sign seen on a stone building, and the war memorial in Denbigh with an opportunity for the linguists to practice Welsh.

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