Day 35: Saturday 21st May

Welcome to Wales, home of the dragon



Heavy rain today for the walk from Willaston to Rhydymwyn.  A bit of a navigation nightmare getting into Wales.  Lots of zig-zagging on minor roads to avoid the incredibly busy main roads through Queensferry.



The rain stopped eventually and traffic eased off as we met in a hotel car park just short of Mold for a mid-afternoon pit stop.  A bit of a giggle when we realised we were sat in the car park of the place we were booked in to stay tonight.  Fate.  It was 3:15pm, my feet were a bit sore from all the road walking, and we have been doing some long days with almost no down time.  This is supposed to be fun so an easy decision to call it a day and have a real break.  Only 5 miles short of the day’s goal and plenty of opportunity to make that up in the next couple of day; and 600 miles completed to boot (another great pun).

The old bridge over the River Dee into Queensferry

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