Day 16: Monday 2nd May

One of the better parts!!!

After the high of yesterday (what a great pun) I’m afraid today was a bit of a nightmare.  Things started ok with the 60 mile drive back to our starting point done without incident and we hit the road about 10:30.  The highlight was supposed to be the track running along the banks of Loch Lomond.  Sadly, the condition of the track was anything but ‘bonny’.  Tree roots, boulders, and frequent up and down clambers meant that it was very hard to keep up any kind of pace.  This went on for miles.  The net result was Mike and I got way behind schedule.  By 4pm we had made it as far as the Inversnaid Hotel.  We stopped and looked at options but the only thing that made sense was to carry on and complete the next 7 miles of the track to Rowardennan, where we could meet Hazel at the hotel.  Thankfully the track improved and we completed an exhausting 20 mile day at 6:30pm.


Not all bad.  The views of Loch Lomond were amazing and the heavy rain combined with melt water from the recent snow produced some spectacular flow in the mountain rivers and waterfalls.  And we were both speechless when in the middle of the almost impassable track came 2 young women carrying mountain bikes.  Bizarre!

And we passed the 250 mile mark.  Yipee.  Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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