Day 6: Friday 22nd April

Today started with a moral dilemma.  When Hazel picked me up at the end of yesterday’s walk we drove half a mile to the guesthouse.  That half mile was down today’s route.  What to do?  Go back to yesterday’s end or just set out from the guest house.  Would anyone know?  Would anyone care?  That’s when the face of the Queen on her 90th birthday popped into my mind.  Ok, we go back and start from where we left off.

I think I’m going to get wet

Having claimed the moral high ground we followed it with a pretty good day.  Over 20 miles done from Alness to the far side of Beauly, most of it away from the A9.  Weather was mixed.  The sunshine was lovely but the rain was heavy and mixed with hail.  My feet did better due to a change in strategy.  Off with the walking shoes and on with the trainers with thinner socks.  My right little toe and I aren’t exactly friends but we are back on speaking terms.

Not much of interest along the way other than a monument to an old soldier.  I’ve tried to blow up the text so hopefully you can share the amazement of what this guy achieved.

Looking forward to tomorrow as the plan is for a shorter walk and ending close to Loch Ness, where I should be walking footpaths rather roads.  Hoorah 🙂


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