Day 5: Thursday 21st April

The sign on the bridge

Funny sort of day today.  Objective achieved; 18 miles from Dornoch to Alness, but not much else to report.  Another sunny day although a little cooler.  Little toe on right foot is in revolt.  If it doesn’t behave I’ll have to consider some Ranulf Fiennes type home surgery.



The spot were I passed 100 miles


I changed today’s route last night.  Hazel pointed out that going a different way (via Taine) was only a tiny bit further and far less hilly.  She was right, so not only is she queen of logistics bit also star navigator (although she did get lost this afternoon).


Tempting.  Oh so tempting.



Highlights were spotting an interesting sign while crossing the Dornoch Forth Bridge, and passing 100 miles walked from the start.

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