Day 1: Sunday 17th April

Straight road across mores


Dreary weather today.  Heavy cloud and a brisk breeze from the south-west with an occasional shower.  A dreary road too.  Very long, straight sections over open moorland.



There were a few more interesting things towards the end of the day.  Several miles of giant wind turbines, and a Scottish Heritage site.

Hazel was her usual brilliant self; meeting me for lunch in Watten and finding the next night’s accommodation.  She didn’t even give me a hard time when I produced the keys to last night’s room from my pocket.  Oops.

Still, 19 additional miles under the belt.  Feet are a bit sore but otherwise legs feel ok.  Another nice place to stay; Loch Watten House.

An early night required as tomorrow could be interesting.  50mph winds are forecast for most of the day, and I’ll be on the A9 cliff-top road.  If it’s dangerous I shan’t be walking.  Stay tuned.

One thought on “Day 1: Sunday 17th April

  1. Good morning Chris and Hazel!

    Just catching up progress over your first few days.

    Sounds like good progress so far, well done! Fingers crossed the winds dont hinder your plans for the day. Safety First for sure!

    Keep the updates coming.

    Following with much excitement

    Ian @ Signs Express


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