Day 0: Saturday 16th April

More tourist start things
Woke up to more snow but not too bad.  We hit the road about 9 and arrived in John O’Groats before 12.  We were a bit early for the guesthouse so went for an explore and a coffee.  Hazel took a couple of touristy photos because you have to.


The tourist start at JOG
While John O’Groats makes much of the start / end of the walk, convention has it that the walk really begins or ends at the Duncansby Lighthouse, which is the most north-easterly point on the mainland.  Given a cold wind but otherwise nice day I decided to try and get in a few miles.  By 4pm I had covered 10 miles (5 more than intended) so we called it a day.

Another marvellous welcome from Mary and Mark at the John O’Groats Guest House.  A quick bar snack at the local hotel and now time for bed.

This may be the only time I can say this but as of right now, I’m ahead of the plan 🙂

The Lighthouse at Duncansby Head – The real starting point for a JOGLE

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