Progress Update

I can’t believe it has been 4 months since putting up the first blog post, so time for a quick update.

  • Planning is just about complete.
    • Detailed route is done.  We had to increase time expectation to 60 days total.  The bit of string we used to calculate the distance says 995 miles.  Will be interesting to see what the actual distance is.
    • Contingency plan is written but not all items have mitigation and actions yet.  To be done soon.
    • Tracker from Yellow Brick is ordered so hopefully folks can follow my journey in real time (well every hour).
    • We have booked guides for the 3 peaks and put target dates on the web site.  Meeting times and places will be added no later than end of February for anyone who would like to join me.
  • I did my first full kit walk of 23 miles last Monday and gave the Garmin a good work out.  All ok, but boy was I sore for the next couple of days.
  • Fundraising has begun in earnest and people have already been incredibly generous.  My brother, Dave, is an absolute star in taking the lead.  We have decided to host a post-walk celebration dinner on July 1st.  Details on the ‘For Organisations’ page.

A couple of weeks downtime to enjoy Christmas and then it’s full on training and fundraising. All getting very exciting.

Chris, Hazel and Dave.

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