Target dates for the walk remain as April 15th 2016 to June 12th 2016.  I hope to do the distance in less time but we have included some contingency time, plus we may have the odd day of relaxation, especially the day following each of the 3 peaks.

Planning and training are going well.  I didn’t quite realise how involved this would get but to give you some idea……

  • All 151 maps have arrived !!!  We have a general route and are starting detailed daily planning.
  • Most of the kit has been purchased.  Massive thanks to Cotswold Outdoor for the advice and support.
  • I have met with my chiropodist, Richard Roll.  Glad to report no major foot issues.  Thanks Richard.
  • I am managing to stick to my weekly training plan (mostly) comprising 2 gym sessions, 2 swims, a pilates class, 2 games of golf, 5 lengthy dog walks, and 5 sessions on the treadmill.
  • We are learning about web sites so expect this one to change appearance on a regular basis as we ‘discover and play’.  2 of the 3 ‘Just Giving’ sites are up and running.
  • We have an outline plan for audiences and communication.

More to come as things evolve.

Best wishes,

Chris & Hazel.

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