Day 60: Wednesday 15th June

With Kevin – made it !

At 1pm today I arrived in Land’s End, accompanied by Kevin McPartlan.  12.5 miles and we managed to avoid the A30 for almost all of it.  Hoorah.  The weather reflected the good fortune of the whole trip; forecast thunder and lightning with torrential rain; actually mixed cloud and sun with a cooling breeze.  We have been truly blessed with the weather.





Massive surprise to be greeted by brother Dave, and of course by Hazel and Kevin’s wife Jane.  Just time for the mandatory photos and then back to Penzance to relax before heading home tomorrow.


The pure walk was 1,061 miles or 1,982,746 steps, but if I add in the 3 peaks (which seems fair) then we have 1,089 miles or 2,034,530 steps.  In summary; over 1,000 miles, 3 peaks, and over 2 million steps.

Have I lost any weight?  I’ll let you know when we get home.


I’ll write a final blog entry when we get home and have time to reflect, but for now we are done !  A final homage to Sir Ian Botham for being part of the reason I got into this.

10 thoughts on “Day 60: Wednesday 15th June

  1. You’ve certainly gained a tan!!! All the very best – big big congratulations – truly awesome – well done!!!


  2. Massive well done Chris, been following you daily and what a huge achievement . Speak to you when you get home . Kerry X


  3. Chris congratulations for a massive personal achievement for you. Also congratulations to hazel for her support of this great journey.


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