Day 55: Friday 10th June

Across Okehampton Golf Course


Oh joy of joys.  Rain.  So nice to be able to step out and not feel like you are about to melt.  Almost a record day at 23.5 miles to Tin Hay.  For some reason the other me (the one that is very poor at planning) made the final few days some of the longest.  I have no idea why.



As well as the much needed rain, this morning’s walk was adventurous.  5 miles along the road to Okehampton where I met up with Hazel for a coffee.  Then expert navigation required (follow the big purple line on the Garmin) to find the footpath out of Okehampton and across Okehampton Golf Course.  There was a pleasant surprise when I came across a major feat of engineering above me.  The happiness didn’t last long when I realised I was supposed to be on top of this viaduct, not underneath it.  Fortunately someone had provided a handy footpath to get up top and 20 minutes later I was back on the right road.

Met on the road:  Andrew Bennett helping his cousin




Either I’m lost or this path hasn’t been used for a while
How cruel

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