Day 48: Friday 3rd June

An interesting bridge on the route

I know this is getting boring but the weather yet again was beautiful today.  Tony is with me for only one more day when we should be back to England and he can return to Eileen, so we pushed the boat out and did an extra 3 miles today.  19 miles total to the other side of Usk, 3 miles ahead of plan, over 800 miles for the journey and over the 1.5 million steps.



Some days walking is about as good as it gets, and today was one of those days.  The scramble along the river path we were expecting turned out to be a stroll along a perfect tow path beside the Monmouth and Brecon canal.  A very tame heron let us get to within a few feet before hopping to the other side of the canal.  All lovely and worthy of the ice cream reward we gave ourselves.  Yummy.

Another treat tonight as we are staying with Hazel’s sister and family (Jane, Ram, Ben and Ozzie the dog) in Usk, and Sam (our daughter) travelled down in secret to give me a lovely surprise.

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