Day 45: Tuesday 31st May

Tony admiring the River Wye

Not a great start to the day when Tony presented himself at breakfast wearing his pyjamas and dripping wet.  “Help.  I’ve locked myself out of my room!”  None of which prevented us getting off to a good start in Llanidoles and covering 20 miles in glorious sunshine to LLanwrthwl.  Just 5 miles behind plan with plenty of opportunity to make up in the coming few days.



The whole day was pretty much spent walking beside the River Wye on the Wye Valley Walk.  Really lovely, and 19 degrees with the wind at our backs.  There was also an Indiana Jones moment when we had to cross a traditional walker’s bridge.  Scary canary.  We had lunch by a similar bridge which had fallen into disrepair.  Shame.

One of the quirky things I have decided is not to have a haircut until we get home.  Not normally a problem as I sport the monk look anyway, but I see from the selfie above I am starting to develop a mini Mohican.  Should I colour it rainbow style?

Brecon Beacons ahead.  Don’t tell the SAS we are coming.

A place to really get away from it all
An interesting fungus

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