Day 33: Thursday 19th May

I forgot something from yesterday’s blog…………over 1,000,000 steps.

A good walk today of 22 miles took us from Chorley to Prescot on the outskirts of Liverpool.  The weather in the morning was overcast but pleasant enough.  Just before lunch it started to drizzle, and it got steadily heavier as the day went on.  By the time I arrived in Prescot I was soaked through.

Another live radio interview with Radio Berkshire at 10:30 seemed to go well, and a nice lunch with Hazel in a pub car park next to the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  We also caught up with a couple of old friends this evening; Terry and Collette, plus their son John who was a tiddler last time we saw him and is now in the middle of GCSEs.  Good luck John.

2 new friends.  I shall call them Sammie and Sophie as they remind me of our daughters.


Into Liverpool tomorrow and on to The Wirral.  Hope the weather improves.

3 thoughts on “Day 33: Thursday 19th May

  1. Great fun getting your blog every day Chris- seems to have become part of my routine! I know how difficult walking like that day after day must be so hard but your blog is always so positive and upbeat
    You are doing a great thing, you know that, and I am glad you seem to be enjoying the challenge and the scenery and characters along the way
    Do you pass anfield on the way through?- nicely timed for the victory parade- unfortunately Sevilla had other plans!
    Keep striding


  2. You are doing GREAT Chris! How on earth do you get the time or more to the point, the energy to write such fantastic updates of your wonderful experience. WELL DONE!


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