Day 12: Thursday 28th April

A lot to cover today.  We woke up to light falling snow which led to a big question.  Heavy snow was forecast from lunchtime and I was supposed to go up and over to a height of about 600m.  Walking alone on an exposed mountain path that I didn’t know!  If the snow came early things could get tricky, especially on a section called ‘The Devil’s Staircase’.  To go or not to go?  In the end I decided to trust the weather forecast and if the snow came heavy early I could bail out onto the A82.  So long as I could get the first 6 miles done things should be fine.

My path through the snow


Certainly exciting as the snow did indeed get heavier as I climbed and the path started to disappear.  Fortunately, there were quite a few people coming the other way and just when I was thinking of turning back someone told me the top was only 100m ahead.



One of four who got close


Having successfully found the A82 I followed it to the King’s House Hotel where Hazel was waiting.  A good 1 hour stop with some hot soup got me warmed up.  We also met 2 lovely ladies from the USA, and had an unexpected encounter with some 4 legged friends, one of whom got up close and personal.


The afternoon was a no brainer.  The snow was falling heavily so no way was I going across the Rannoch Moor (bleak), so down the A82 was the only option.  5 miles further but at least I knew where I was going.  Hazel and I played leap frog; she driving a mile or so ahead and me walking to her and making decision to go on or stop.  The extra distance meant we fell short of the original goal of Bridge of Orchy but I have to be pleased with the 18 miles achieved in those conditions.


Hazel came across one other interesting thing; a cairn made out of stones taken from 3,000 foot peaks.

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I hope things improve tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 12: Thursday 28th April

  1. Chris, I’ve just caught up with your blog, having started when we were suffering heavy sunshine and 29 degC in Turkey. You’ve picked a tough week to be contemplating Ben Nevis, I wish you luck! I have my own walking milestone today (tiny compared to yours), I will complete checking the route description and maps my friend Stephen has put together for the guide book for the Centenary way in Warwickshire. A mere 100 miles or 200 including the circular walks linked off the way.
    I’ll leave you with a fact about another warm place, relevant to Ben Nevis, the small island, la Gomera, in the canaries rises to a peak higher than Ben Nevis! Think about that as you climb, it may keep you warmer. Good luck my friend.


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