Day 8: Sunday 24th April

Sorry this is a day late.  Someone took out the main internet control box and the whole of Fort Augustus was without access.


Today was a day of reminders.  When we woke up it had been snowing in the night.  Reminder 1: This is northern Scotland in April so don’t take the weather for granted.


I mentioned how much I had been looking forward to getting off the ugly, dangerous roads and onto some footpaths.  The Great Glen Way runs all the way down the side of Loch Ness and I used it for the 17 miles today from Drumnadrochit (Lewiston) to Fort Augustus, and it was beautiful and traffic free but………….  Reminder 2:  Unlike roads footpaths tend to be wiggly, up and down (as high as 350m), and rough under your feet.  I walked harder today than any day so far but only managed 17 miles.  Average pace was way down compared to road walking.

Logistics for meeting up at lunch and end of day worked well again.  Hazel found some interesting things along the road including a magic well and a clog shop.

Fort Augustus is the very bottom of Loch Ness and boats wishing to proceed down to Fort William have to navigate the Caledonian Canal to connect with the series of Lochs that make up the Great Glen.

More of the same tomorrow.

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