Day 3: Tuesday 19th April

What a difference a day makes.  After a pleasant overnight with the delightful Mary at Tormore Farm, Dunbeath, Tuesday arrived with the same blue sky and pleasant temperature for walking………and NO WIND!!!  Yippee.  Just over 20 miles done from Berriedale to Brora.

Helmsdale harbour
Helmsdale Harbour


Not much to report from the day’s walk.  All on the A9.  Some lovely scenery.  Lots of care and attention to the lorries that fly past but most of them are real gentleman (and ladies) of the road and give me some space when they can.



Hazel found a lovely spot for lunch in Helmsdale and it was heaven to slip the boots off for half an hour and enjoy the surroundings.  My feet suffered a bit today.  I think it’s a combination of having to go up and down some major hills (which there aren’t many of in Berkshire) plus this is the longest consecutive days walking I have done.

I should also mention the spontaneous generosity of people who have seen what we are doing and have made a donation; most notably the young shop assistant in the Co-Op in Brora who rushed out to the bank in order to give Hazel £10.  What a star.

Currently sitting in our lovely room at Bay View House, Brora watching Bake Off Crème-de-la-Crème.  Not the kind of food I need to be eating but I can dream.  The local golf course has also got me pining for a round.

Pining for golf

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