Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd February – Training walk to Lower Froyle and back

A double walk to hopefully get a sense of what back-to-back full days will feel like.  On Monday I walked to Froyle to stay with good friends Nigel & Julie.  Distance looked about 20 miles, so perfect.

Basingstoke Canal
The Good…………….

Weather was good again although the wind got up in the afternoon.  Heavy rain over the weekend had made some of the footpaths impassable without forcing a path through the undergrowth.  Brambles.  Yuk.  My legs are shredded.  Some of the footpaths were also hard to find as the start points were completely overgrown.

In Garmin we trust 🙂


A lovely evening with Nigel and Julie, and their neighbour Jos.  On the walk back on Tuesday I stuck more to roads to avoid the bogs.  Almost no difference to the mileage but much more satisfying and somewhat less tiring.  Weather was blustery and sun and showers.  43 miles covered over the 2 days and almost exactly 7 hours actually spent walking on both days.  Legs are weary and feet are a bit sore but overall not too bad.  Maybe the training is starting to pay off.

The Bad……………                      And The Very Lovely

Highlights:  Walking by the Basingstoke canal, and spending time with friends.
Lowlights:  The saturated footpath bogs, and the M3.

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